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Message from the Mayor

Mayor Kevin Zahara

On behalf of Edson Town Council I’m pleased to present to you the 2022 Edson Annual Report.  


2022 was an exciting year for the Town of Edson with headway being made on many major projects.


Council has updated our Strategic Plan with the following priorities for 2022/2023

  • Work with partners to seek long-term solutions that address addictions, transitional housing, homelessness, and mental health.
  • Work with regional partners to develop a plan to meet the infrastructure and operational cost requirements of the Regional Multiplex.
  • Identify and prioritize infrastructure needs and associated cost impacts.
  • Plan infrastructure that will accommodate population and economic growth.
  • Continue to build relationships with stakeholders external to the Town of Edson; including community groups, the business community, and Yellowhead County.

Progress continues on the rewrite of the Land Use Bylaw. This document was last updated in the 90’s and is being re-written with the goal of streamlining processes, aligning the bylaw with other documents, and adjusting it to suit the Town’s current needs. There has been much public engagement on the new document and we look forward to seeing the new plan in 2023.

Infrastructure and facilities are a major focus of this Council. This includes major funding for roads and stormwater infrastructure, as well as moving forward with upgrades at Vision Park and in our trail system. Of course the largest project is the proposed multi-use recreational facility, which will now be located on the current site and it's hoped the project can break ground in 2023.

We're also very happy to see continued industrial growth in the area. There has been plenty of activity with the new Cascade Power Plant and major construction on area pipeline projects.


Council is very happy to support the continued economic growth in our region.

Mayor Kevin Zahara

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Edson Town Council

CAO Letter

Christine Beveridge

I am pleased to present our Annual Report, which highlights the challenging yet successful journey of our organization. It was a remarkable year of resilience, progress, and unwavering determination. As we reflect upon the challenges we faced, the successes we achieved, and the possibilities that lie ahead, it is heartwarming to see our town rally together to remain steadfast, navigating through the storms with resilience and determination.


This year tested us and pushed us beyond our comfort zones.  Despite the adversities faced during the year, we were able to overcome recruitment staffing challenges and supply chain disruptions and unprecedented inflationary rate. These challenges enabled us to explore new avenues and innovate to provide excellent service to our residents.


We persevered during the difficult times and bounced back stronger, providing support to the community we serve. Amidst the challenges, we were united by a shared purpose and an unwavering commitment to our town's prosperity. We succeeded in providing top-notch services despite the odds and continue to strive towards excellence.


Through our report, we aim to provide a comprehensive overview of the notable achievements and activities carried out by our team in the past year. We are proud of the hard work and dedication of our employees and partners, without whom our success would not have been possible.


While we proudly acknowledge our accomplishments, we remind ourselves that this is just the beginning. The challenges we conquered and the successes we achieved have only fueled our drive to reach new heights.


As we look ahead, we envision a community that fosters innovation, embraces diversity, and nurtures a spirit of collaboration. We will continue to invest in infrastructure and community services to ensure the well-being and prosperity of our residents.


In closing, I extend my sincerest gratitude to the Town Council, our dedicated staff, and our remarkable community for their support and belief in our collective potential.


We sincerely thank you for your continued support and look forward to serving you in the future.


Christine Beveridge

Legislative Recap 2022


Communications continues to evolve as we move back to in-person meetings and engagement following the pandemic.

In late 2021, Council moved back to in-person Council meetings, however, using lessons learned through the past few years, we've kept some hybrid options available to accommodate council, staff, and delegations in special circumstances. In early 2023 a new audio/video system was put in place that enhances our live stream and allows us to incorporate Zoom on an as-needed basis.

A website refresh was completed in 2022 with a brand new look and some new modules to make things easier to access for our residents and visitors. As a part of our continued efforts to improve public engagement, two new web pages were also added to help inform the public and to gather feedback. 'Engage Edson' ( was launched to provide a space for public feedback and engagement opportunities to be listed. The 'Construction Update' page ( was also put in place to keep residents up to date on the latest road, utility, and facility projects taking place around the community.

The Communications Department is focused on ensuring there is an open dialogue both to our residents, and from our residents. We are constantly working on improving engagement to be able to inform citizens about what’s going on in our community, as well as hear our citizen's concerns and issues.

2023 Objectives

  • Communications Audit

  • Review and Revise Communications Plan

  • Update Photography/Videos

Economic Development

Key Highlights

  • Business Licence Bylaw Rewrite: Full rewrite and adoption of a new Business License Bylaw, which was last amended in 2006.
  • Land Supply/Inventory Report: A Land Inventory Report was completed that catalogued three hundred and sixty-seven (367) parcels of Town owned land.
  • Regional Business Retention & Expansion (BR+E) Project: In partnership with Community Futures West Yellowhead (CFWY), the Town of Edson, Municipality of Jasper, the hamlet of Grande Cache and the Town of Hinton launched a Business Retention & Expansion (BR+E) survey.
  • ABWays2Summer Campaign: Deployed an ABWays2Summer campaign in partnership with the Town of Rocky Mountain House and Whitecourt Tourism.  This was a content production and marketing campaign promoting our golf and outdoor adventure experiences and partially funded by a Travel Alberta – 2022-2023 Cooperative Investment Funding of $15,000. The remaining cost for the campaign was cost-shared by the three (3) municipalities.

Business Licence Stats - Year End Report

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Of the number of new business licence applications issued in 2022, 27% of them were identified as a non-resident business, whose business premise is permanently located outside the boundaries of Yellowhead County.

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Human Resources

Over this past year, the Human Resources Department has continued to evolve to meet the needs of our organization and the community we serve. We strive to continually provide the resources and support to enable our people to perform at their optimum capacity.

We have continued to build our teams with many notable changes. By continuously assessing and reevaluating our needs, we’ve been able to restructure some key positions. Notably, the role of Recreation Manager has been adapted to expand on the programming offered at the Edson & District Leisure Centre. By building off the skills developed through prior roles held within the organization, they are able to offer new and exciting programs and events to benefit the community. Further, this is only one example where we have proudly been able to promote from within our organization, showing that our strength truly does lie in our people.

As we continue into 2023, the HR department will continue to streamline processes to develop effective and efficient methods that will enhance the employment experience for all our employees.

Health & Safety

2022 was a year of adaptation and growth within the health and safety department. Personnel changes within the department led to a refreshed approach toward developing a behavioral-based safety culture. In December, The Town of Edson welcomed a new Health and Safety Coordinator.

The health and safety program was assessed during the internal COR certification process; contrary to previous internal COR audits, the Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) was assigned to complete an alternate Alberta Municipal Health and Safety Association (AMSHA) assessment tool called a COR action plan. This plan was developed and submitted by the JHSC to AMSHA for review; the town received 100% for the action plan. Additional health and safety processes are being developed and integrated into the digital safety software (Lighthouse) to streamline operations, assist with productivity, and access safety information. Municipal staff also participated in their first “Safety Day.”  This event was an opportunity to celebrate organizational safe work achievements, COR audit accomplishments and participate in safety awareness presentations. The 2022 Safety Day success will lead to future annual Safety Day events to further encourage safety culture, teamwork and provide learning opportunities with safety professionals and community partners.



  • 51 Incidents were reported, 8 Investigations and 37 corrective actions were implemented and verified.
  • No lost time claims: that is now six years in a row! WCB experience ratios rank Edson as 36th out of 112 industry code participants (similar-sized organizations).
  • Lighthouse training and development is in progress, and Health and Safety are developing additional processes to maximize the software’s potential.
  • The COR internal renewal option of an Action Plan was chosen over an internal audit. This was completed in conjunction with the JHSC committee and Health and Safety Coordinator.
  • The COR Action Plan was graded and received a score of 100%.

Community Services

" Our Community Development team encompasses the coordination and delivery of programs and events in recreation, arts, culture, neighbourhood initiatives and Family Community Support Services (FCSS) for all ages. We were happy to return to regularly scheduled, in-person activities this year. "

2022 Highlights

  • FCSS worked with community partners to update the “I’m Good” Campaign to connect our residents with access to mental health and wellness services in our community and province.
  • Youth Council had 18 applications. We have 10 returning councillors and 2 new. Only one graduated last year.
  • We received a Federal grant for $17,891 to coordinate technology training for Seniors in our community. “SENIORS TECH TIPS” programs are very popular.
  • Art in the Park held 4 outdoor events including Wop May Day, which was celebrated in conjunction with Alberta Day. We received a $5,000 provincial grant for Alberta Day. The turnout for Wop May Day/Alberta Day was great, with about 250 people sowing up. The other events were much quieter.
  • Canada Day was back to it’s full glory but the location was changed to the 2 arenas at the Leisure Centre due to an unfavourable forecast. The turnout was great for everything except the evening concert. Estimated attendance was 1,500.
  • RecEdson “Try It Month” offered many  free programs to try out in August. This was a collaboration between local not-for-profit and for profit Recreation & Fitness Organizations.
  • Early Childhood programs including Move Play Learn, Nature Play, Postnatal Wellness, Dadurday, Grand Buddies, and Parent/Tot Fitness were offered in person this year.
  • With financial support from the Province, along with our regional partners, we developed sustainable sexual violence support services for our residents.
  • Culture Days, held in September was a huge success this year with more than 10 community partners. We estimate the Downtown Art and Music Walk/Pig Roast brought over 700 people to main street! Edson made the list of top 10 participating communities for Towns and Rural areas in Canada!
  • We hosted the Teddy Bear Picnic in collaboration with our Early Childhood partners and had a tremendous turnout.
  • CANOE (Culture and Arts Network of Edson) received a $123,000 grant from Heritage Canada and Commemorate Canada to complete the Resilience Project, which highlights the resilience and hope of our community through the pandemic and beyond including murals on 5 downtown businesses, a commemorative book and documentary with interviews from over 20 local people. The project wraps up in spring of 2023.
  • Rural Mental Health project partnership created “Community Wellness Reads” which is a collection of mental health resources available at the library.
  • 3,255+Participated in FCSS programs and events this year.
  • 594+Taxes completed through FCSS Community Volunteer Income Tax Program.
  • 600+Attended the Community Pig Roast and Downtown Art Walk.
  • 480+Step It Up participants on 65 teams.
  • 280+Eddie’s Big Run participants.
  • 400+Seniors attended Seniors Week activities.

Leisure Centre

The Edson & District Leisure Centre

The Edson & District Leisure Centre

The Edson & District Leisure Centre is one of the busiest year-round locations within the Town of Edson. This recreation facility consists of two ice surfaces, an aquatic centre, rental rooms, concession, skate sharpening service, and a common area.

The Leisure Centre believes in, and is committed to, promoting a healthy vibrant community.

Our facility is the booking hub for indoor & outdoor recreational spaces as well as the registration hub for Community Services Programs. We also house many user groups including Minor Hockey, Figure Skating, Men’s & Ladies Recreational Hockey, Edson Oldtimers Hockey, the GMHL, and our Swim Club.

2022 brought new opportunities in the facility as we expanded our programming to include more activities in the arena’s when the ice was removed.

2022 Pool Highlights:

  • 701 private swimming lessons taught by our pool staff.
  • 87 pool rentals throughout the year.
  • 525 swimmers aged 2-12 went through swimming lessons.
  • Most attended programs are morning aquafit & swimming lessons.
  • Youth Pool Parties were a hit, after restrictions lifted we tried to do one a month during the spring/summer.
  • Pool was closed for annual shut down August 2nd-October 21st.

2022 Arena Highlights

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  • 15 hockey tournaments.
  • Edson Figure Skating Club skated 194 hours.
  • Offered 120 hours of free public/family skate courtesy of Repsol Oil & Gas.
  • Skate with Santa every December brings over 200 families out.
  • Hosted Dangler Hockey Camp in August.


Dry Pad Highlights

Hosted the Trade Show, 4H Show, Eddies Big Run, Road Hockey Rumble, and lots of birthday party rentals and drop in kids programming with the inflatables.

Parks & Facility Maintenance

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2022 was an exciting and busy year for the Parks and Facility Maintenance Department.

Significant work was done at Griffiths Park Center. Grants were received for the Griffiths Park Centre renovations project for the lighting, accessibility, and the HVAC Systems. These major upgrades to the lighting, accessibility, and the HVAC systems were completed in 2022, substantially moving the renovation forward and closer to completion.

Additional grants were also received for a new multi season outdoor facility at Glenwood Park. The Parks and Facility Maintenance teams demolished the old outdoor rink and construction started on the new facility. The new facility will include an outdoor ice surface on a concrete base with new boards, basketball nets, lighting, and lines for basketball and pickleball. This new facility was completed in early 2023 and is anticipated to have a large positive impact on our community.

Work also continued at Vision Park with construction starting to rebuild five new ball diamonds to replace the ball diamonds removed by the construction of the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

Additional 2022 Highlights: 

Additional 2022 Highlights: 

  • A full review and update of the Cemetery Bylaw was completed.
  • Repairs were made to the Leisure Centre roof.
  • Willmore Park customer service survey created and sent out with 114 responses form campers in 2022. Summary of some questions include:
    • How would you rate your overall experience at Willmore Park? 9/10
    • How would you rate the cleanliness of the campground area? 9/10
    • How would you rate Willmore Parks amenities? 8/10
  • Civic Center lobby renovations completed.
  • Facility Maintenance section completed 719 work orders in 2022 up 70% over 2021’s 500 work orders.
  • Skating oval built for the second year.
  • New Willmore Park custodian service contract awarded to the Rotary Club of Edson for three years.
  • New three year Town of Edson buildings cleaning contract awarded.
  • Parks department partially moved some of its operations over to the Airport due to safety reasons with equipment travelling on highway overpass back and forth to Public Works.

Protective Services

Bylaw Enforcement & RCMP Support

The Town of Edson Enforcement Services Department continues to provide efficient bylaw enforcement and investigations, dealing with a wide range of complaints.

Community Engagement and Service

Post pandemic, regular services have resumed. Our officers continued with proactive foot patrols of our parks, trails, and greenspaces. Our vehicle patrols continued throughout the entire community, including schools and playgrounds. Our officers continue to liaise with the Edson RCMP, Edson Fire, Fish and Wildlife, and CN Police to work towards maintaining and building successful working relationships.

Services Provided

  • Bylaw investigations
  • Animal care and control
  • Traffic services
  • Traffic enforcement
  • High visibility patrols
  • Event support
  • Document service
  • Speed sign placement and statistics

RCMP Support

The 4.5 (full time equivalent) RCMP detachment assistants that work out of the detachment are employed and paid by the Town of Edson Enforcement Services Department. This team provides essential law enforcement administrative support for the frontline RCMP members in Edson. Their duties include answering phones, attending the front counter, serving documents, court docket assistance, and providing support for a myriad of police duties.

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Photo Enforcement

Our photo enforcement program for 2022 saw a significant decrease in violations compared to 2021.

13,734 violators vs. 22,637 violators in 2022.

  1. Non-Resident violators 82%
  2. Resident violators 18%

Revenues generated for Edson through our photo enforcement program are used to off-set the costs of providing policing to our community as well as a reserve for public safety initiatives. In 2022 there were 13,734 violations with a net revenue for the town of just over $380,000.

Photo Radar Call Stats for 2022

Didn't like attitude of PhotoRadar Operator 1
Questioning location of speed sign by Smitty's 1
Questioning spot where truck is parked 1
Angry they got caught 2
Total 5


Fire Department

2022 was a busy year for the Edson Fire Department. For the first time in a number of years, COVID regulations were relaxed and we were able to resume public activities like our annual Fire Prevention Week open house, school tours, and special events.

Emergency Response

The Fire Department responded to 413 emergency incidents in 2022 (down slightly from 421 in 2021) as follows:

  • 37 Motor Vehicle Collisions
  • 4 Electrical Hazards/Down Powerlines
  • 127 Fire Alarms/CO Alarms
  • 13 Structure Fires
  • 3 Natural Gas Leaks/Odor
  • 193 Medical First Response
  • 22 Wildland/Grass/Brush Fires
  • 6 Vehicle Fires
  • 8 Undetermined


  • EFD recruited 5 new members in 2022
  • 37 active members in 2022


  • 2 Occupancy Load Permits were issued

Fire Inspections

  • 7 Fire inspections were conducted for business licensing requirements

Medical First Response Program

In 2022, EFD responded to 192 medical-related emergencies, which accounts for about 47% of fire department responses. EFD responds only to life-threatening medical emergencies, or if the local ambulance is delayed. We continue to work closely with Alberta Health Services and our local EMS provider to ensure a high level of service is provided to the Town of Edson.

Membership Commitment

Members provided 37,896 person hours to the fire service in 2022. This accounts for training hours, emergency response, and weekend on-call coverage. These hours do not account for time spent volunteering for public awareness/engagement activities and special events.

Critical Incident Stress Management

The Edson Fire Department has a trained team of peers to provide support to our first responders during and after critical incidents. Led by our Fire Department Chaplain, these Peers are trained in Assisting Individuals in Crisis and Group Crisis intervention. An unfortunate reality is that critical incidents do occur, and EFD has a vested interest in the mental well-being of all first responders. Our Peer Support Network plays a critical role in ensuring our members are mentally prepared and capable of coping with these incidents.

2022 Goals

  • Develop strategies and implement training programs to enhance first responder health, safety and survival.

  • Review in detail our current level of service, directives, guidelines and procedures to ensure we continue to meet industry best practices and applicable standards.

  • Provide advanced training and resources to our CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management) Peer Team

Corporate Services

The Corporate Services Department provides a range of financial, administrative and legislative services to Town staff and residents. Its specific responsibilities include financial services (taxes, utilities, and accounts payable/receivable), policy and bylaw development, information technology, insurance, grant reporting, and records retention.

As a result of the pandemic, the finance department was forced to move towards a more paperless solution, which included sending out more invoices, utility bills, and other documents via email. This move allowed the department to improve efficiency while reducing costs associated with printing, paper, and mailing.  In addition, during the pandemic, the department provided more ways to pay bills owed to the town, including credit cards and e-transfers. These new payment methods were designed to make it easier for the public to pay their bills and to reduce the need for in-person interactions. These initiatives will continue into the future as part of the normal services offered to the public.

In 2022, the IT department also took large steps forward and engaged the services of a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to help provide coverage and extra security to our computer systems. This move will enhance the security of the public's information and protect against potential cyber-attacks.

Another significant change during 2022 was the integration of Legislative Services into the Corporate Services Department. This addition has provided oversight to bylaws, policies, and procedures, ensuring that the municipality remains compliant with all regulatory requirements.

Overall, the Corporate Services Department has had a successful year and will continue to seek innovative solutions to improve efficiency moving forward, while delivering excellent service to the public.


Net taxes for municipal purposes $13,552,648
Operating Transfers $6,434,425
Sales and user charges $6,932,356
Returns on investments $178,000
Penalties and costs on taxes $155,000
Licenses & Permits $136,400
Fines $1,314,500
Franchise Fees $1,104,670
Rentals & Leases $721,550
Other revenues $24,500
Total Revenue $30,554,049
Legislative $489,715
Administration $3,567,803
Protective services $5,204,815
Roads, Streets & Equipment $4,716,100
Utilities $4,584,415
Public Health & Welfare $640,450
Planning & Development $838,445
Recreation and parks $4,989,900
Culture $683,457
Total Expenditure $25,715,100
Funds to be used from Reserves $2,798,321
Funds to be transferred to Reserves ($6,767,670)
Debenture Principal Repaid ($869,600)


  Emergency Backup Generator $75,000
  Photocopier $10,000
  Structural Protection Unit (Sprinkler Trailer) $250,000
  CPO E-1 Accessories $7,500
  Light Detection & Ranging LIDAR Speed Radar $5,000
  Parks & Trails Outdoor Lighting $130,000
  Downtown Trees $10,000
  Kubota Deck Mower $75,000
  MT Trachless 8 $210,000
  Cemetery Mower $10,500
  Parks & Trails $291,537
  Vision Park Phase 1-Diamonds $1,744,967
  Glenwood Park Upgrades $162,761
  Glenwood Park Upgrades (cont) $40,000
  Campground Improvements $35,000
  Columbarium $36,375
  Kinsmen Building Shingles Replacement $10,000
  Civic Centre Keyless Entry $29,000
  Public Works Paging System $50,000
  Foodbank Building Roof Replacement $10,000
  Library Renovations $3,000,000
  Civic Centre Renovations $100,000
  Leisure Centre Pool Vacuum $6,500
  Salt Cell System $35,000
  Multi-Use Facility $20,000,000
  V131 - 1/2 ton pickup $85,000
  V107 - 1 ton pickup $125,000
  Komatsu Grader $550,000
  10th Ave Sanitary Sewer Upgrade (51-52Sts) $65,000
  54st Sanitary Sewer Upgrade (1-6th Ave) $65,000
  18th Ave Full Rehab (48th-49th St) $2,600,000
  8th Ave Full Rehab (51st-52nd St) $65,000
  Road Repairs - General $400,000
  Crack Sealing Unit $110,000
   Wase Creek Design & Construction  $1,893,150
   1st Ave 48-54St - Design  $25,000
   Highway Crossing Lights  $131,415
  Landfill Scale Upgrade $37,777
   Forklift  $55,000
   Terminal Building Repairs  $93,540
ENERGY PROJECTS Civic Center LED Lighting  $58,882
   Public Works - LED Lighting  $78,882
  Water Well #25 - Redrill & Commission $500,000
  Hydraulic Water Valve Maintenance Unit $130,000
  Fluoride plan - Regulatory $100,000
  Water Leak Detection/Locating Unit $35,000
  Trash Pump $65,000
  Groundwater Monitoring Wells x3 - Regulatory $100,000
  Degas - Regulatory $50,000
   Lagoon Receiving Station  $284,997
  Water Sustainability Study $183,924
  Vision Park Well & Washroom $187,005
  TOTAL: $34,408,712


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Taxes $12,605,513
Opr. Transfers $6,912,587
User Fees $5,719,918
Penalties $148,759
Licenses/Permits $71,278
Fines $978,969
Franchise Fees $1,008,126
Rentals $678,120
Other $1,865,246


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Legislative $328,929
Administration $2,736,207
Protective Services $5,415,075
Roads, Streets & Equipment $6,183,573
Utilities $5,808,395
Public Health & Welfare $746,477
Planning & Development $620,715
Recreation & Parks $4,355,560
Culture $758,945

Planning and Development


  • In 2022, Demolition of the old Edson hospital, and an 8 Bay Retail Commercial Unit were major permits issued.
  • There was one appeal to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board.


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Development permit stats year end report as of March 10, 2023
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Infrastructure and Transportation



In 2022 we were able to complete phase one of the required Alberta Environment lead service inventory program. After many years of negotiations, we were finally successful in amalgamating all our well licenses into one license from Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) which should streamline the process for future exploration and implementation. 2022 also saw us break ground and start construction on a joint effort project with our parks department. We started constructing our building that will house a water treatment plant along with a tournament/washroom facility for ball players at Vision Park. Finally, we completed a comprehensive groundwater evaluation report that will help us with future exploration and ensure we are managing our aquifer for years to come.


At our Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) we undertook some performance studies to prepare for future upgrades that may be required by AEP. We also installed and sampled monitoring wells all around the site which will allow us to monitor the quality of the surrounding groundwater. We have installed more Smart manhole covers and fitted some of our main sewer lines with flow monitors to capture the flow and capacity so that we can make data based decisions on future upgrades. Finally, we were able to replace our 10 year old sewer camera with a new one this fall. We are now able to get a condition assessment of some of our bigger storm and main sewer lines and have the capability to create reports which will enable us to prioritize repairs or replacements. The same software and unit are also compatible with our smaller push reel camera and are lighter and more compact than the old gear.


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2022 Highlights

  • Preventative maintenance schedule for roads and storm infrastructure
  • Repair of damaged infrastructure
  • Training of new personnel
  • Infrastructure condition assessments
  • Line painting
  • Crack sealing
  • Scheduled preventative maintenance activities
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Snow Removal

  • Events 11 (6 exceeding 10cm)
  • Total costs $303,000.00
  • Cost / Lane km $577.28
  • Cost/ Capita $35.90


  • New Landfill truck was ordered
  • New Komatsu grader was purchased
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Town of Edson Airport

Aircraft movements

  • Total Movements 1,266
  • Potential Passengers 7,290
  • Tanker Base 43
  • STARS 13

The airfield has had a constant movement in 2022 averaging about 105 landing a month. The Fee schedule has been approved by Council and will be put into effect 2023.

After being knocked out by a lightning strike last summer, the airfield lights were restored in December of 2022.

Galloway Station Museum

"Full Steam Ahead!"

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In 2022, we were happily able to fully welcome residents and travellers back to the Galloway Station Museum – in fact the multi-use room was rented more than 120 times and the Galloway hosted or partnered with a further 36 separate events!

The Galloway Station Museum, Travel Centre & Archives is run by a volunteer governance board, the Edson & District Historical Society (EDHS). For most of 2022 there were three full time staff (and some wonderful volunteers), but due to the number of events, rentals, tours and other activities, a new part-time position was created in October.

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Speaking of events, Mystery at the Museum was so popular in 2022 that the Galloway held two – a family event and a date night in partnership with the Town of Edson. Participants had to decipher interactive, educational and entertaining historical puzzles to find out who burnt down the bank.

It's no secret that Canadians make amazing films, and participating in National Canadian Film Day is a great way to showcase that art. The museum streamed Portraits from A Fire, an award-winning, amazing Indigenous film by Tsilhqot’in director Trevor Mack in April and partnered with the Edson Friendship Centre to give participants more information about the film and wonderful giveaways.

As the year progressed the Galloway greeted thousands of travellers from all over Canada and the world as well as local residents for numerous rentals and events.

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There are so many great organizations in the Edson area, and CANOE (Culture & Arts Network of Edson) brings many of them together. The Edson & District Historical Society, on behalf of CANOE, and in partnership with the Town of Edson, applied for, and received a Commemorate Canada grant supporting a three-part initiative for the area, which includes the murals that have been appearing on local businesses, a documentary and a commemorative book. The Galloway’s main contribution to this initiative is the creation of the commemorative book that will include information on the individuals interviewed for the documentary and photos taken by talented local photographers.

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Staff also create the Edson & Area Visitor Guide, to educate, inform and entertain travellers and residents. It is filled with delightful images from local photographers and includes a comprehensive list of local attractions and events, maps, campgrounds, accommodations, local businesses listings and the history of the Edson area. In 2022 4000 guides were printed and distributed in Edson, Yellowhead County and Alberta.

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The curtain was pulled back at the Galloway at the end of May, when the Holy Redeemer Highschool Drama department presented The Village of Idiots at the pavilion in RCMP Centennial Park, and used the museum as their green room. The play was fantastic and all were astonished at the enormous amount of work that goes into creating a show of that calibre.

In a lovely turn of events, the Galloway welcomed the Honourable Salma Lakhani, AOE B.Sc., LLD (hon) Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, and His Honour, Dr. Zaheer Lakhani in June and were pleased to be able to spend some time sharing local history with them both.

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Six exhibits were showcased during 2022: 

  • National Survival – the Civil Defense Exhibit
  • Indigenous Display – Annual Display
  • Natural World – New artifacts were added
  • Remembrance Day – Annual display
  • Wop May – display updated
  • Coal Branch – display updated
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Upcoming exhibits in 2023

  • The Royal Flush
  • Photographic Archival Display
  • A Salt & Pepper Display to shake up your Day
  • Annual Displays
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Often, individuals and organizations from all over Canada (and even outside of Canada) request information from the Edson and District Historical Society regarding the history of Edson and area. Staff work with these individuals to help find the requested information. More than 35+ inquiries were successfully completed with approximately 40 hours spent fulfilling public research requests in 2022.

Thanks to the generosity of residents (and former residents) of the area, 58 artifacts that met with the EDHS collection mandate were accepted and accessioned into the Edson & District Historical Society’s permanent collection. There are also two large donations that were accepted but have still to be processed.  Some of the items not accepted became part of the working/educational collection. Hundreds of older artifacts from the collection dating from 1975 onward were also researched and updated.

The archives received 645 donations that were accessioned and hundreds of archival items from the collection, dating from 1975 on, were researched and updated.

Although busy with rentals, visitors, tours and events, staff was also able to complete the Galloway Museum’s self-guided tour – however, it won’t be found on paper; this tour is all online! Visitors can just scan the code seen here and they will have access to in depth stories about each exhibit as well as fun facts, external links to more information, and in-house reports.

Edson and District Public Library

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In 2022 the library along with the community was finding itself after the crush of the pandemic. We were happy to be open fully once more and begin offering more services to the community. In the Fall we hired a permanent program facilitator to enable regular programming for our patrons. This position specifically addresses the after-school surge as youth come in while waiting for parents.

A testament to this recovery comes in multiple forms. Our in-person visits averaged 242 people per day coming through our doors. You, the community, came to us for programs (261 in-person), public access computers (3,311 users), room bookings, exam invigilation, and of course materials for reading, viewing, listening, and playing (60,000 physical items checked out).

Of course, the last year was more than just numbers. We have re-established relationships within the community and built connections with those newly arrived in Edson. We partnered with several groups throughout the year participating in events like the Edson SummerFest, the Teddy Bear Picnic, Amazin’ Race Edson, National Indigenous Peoples Day, and Art in the Park - Renaissance Day. We have also partnered on specific projects like the StoryWalk with Edson Community Services and the bag of books with Edson and District Community Learning Society. In an effort to make reading materials accessible we have provided materials to the little free libraries in the Green Shacks. With Edson FCSS and the Rural Mental Health Project we created a mental health collection in the library. No summary of the past year would be complete without mentioning our game and movie nights every Friday which have seen constant attendance (and viewers have enjoyed the popcorn provided by Servus Credit Union of Edson).



We have been working long hours on the renovation and expansion to the library, which we hope to break ground on in 2023.  We are committed to continue providing library services throughout the project and details will be shared as they become available. Your library changes and grows, always adapting to the needs of the community while providing a safe, welcoming, and inclusive place to come. If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions, please contact us. We look forward to seeing everyone this year!